Jordan Moser is a Singer-songwriter and composer who lives in Austin Texas.  His first album, Sleeping Bag, was released in 2012 on the Los Angeles based label Albino Crow Music. Since then he has joined the ranks of the Austin based label Punctum Records who released his second record in 2014. 

Mainstream Reservoir was recorded in the writing shack of legendary Texas journalist, Billy Porterfield in Wimberley, TX. Porterfield, who is also Moser’s father-in-law, was a columnist with the Austin American Statesman for many years.

"I wanted to draw on the incredible creative energy in Billy's ‘House of Fables, at some point I realized that we are kindred spirits, and I knew that I had needed to create a special project that would pay tribute to that. But most of all, I just wanted to make some music by myself out there among the silence and the nice, live oak trees."

Along with music Jordan Moser dedicates his artistic efforts to dance as well.  He has been a company dancer at Ballet Austin since 2007.  As a result he has been comissioned to compose scores for multipule dance productions.  As part of a collaboration with Motion Dance Theater of Asheville North Carolina he was commissioned by the Charles and Joan Gross Family Foundation to create the score for 'Queer Angels' in 2014.  last year Jordan began a collaborative partnership with choreographer  James Gregg with 'Boonflood' performed by Dark Circles Contemporary Dance in Fort Worth Texas.  James Gregg and Jordan Moser are currently working on a collaboration for Seattle based dance company Whim W'Him.